Sunday, February 6, 2011

February Garden of the Month

Ros Wingerter, Liz Leonard, Joel Myers, and Vonni Contreary have been doing a fabulous job locating prize-worthy gardens each month.

Attached are photos are February's beautiful gardens. The Garden of the Month was awarded to Ann and Joseph Wink, 6306 Beauregard. The Honorable Mention went to Carloyn and Ray Lousteau at 60 Flamingo. Le Petit Jardin was given to Gene Dubrock and Bob McKenzie at 40 Swallow.

February Meeting Photos

February Meeting

Thanks to everyone who attended today. Obviously, foul weather cannot deter committed garden club members!

Beth Juge's home was a perfect setting and, once again, the hostess committee exceeded all expectations. The "coffee" recipe should be the first entry in the next Garden Club cookbook!! Thanks again to Therese Kessels, Kelly Alfortish, Suzanne Tyler, Laurie Bernard and Ros Wingerter for their tireless efforts.

Attached are native plant resources and other documents relating to today's educational speaker, Susan Norris-Davis.

Thank you all for coming, and Happy Mardi Gras. Recipes, photographs, and Garden of the Month to follow.


Arbor Day

January Garden of the Month

The Garden of the Month Committee has been working very hard in this freezing weather to search for our winning winter gardens. Many thanks go out to Vonni Contreary, Joel Myers, Liz Leonard and coordinator Ros Wingerter for doing such a wonderful job. It's always so exciting to receive the winning photos of gardens that some of us never see on a regular basis.

January's Garden of the Month was awarded to Betty Rabe at 111 Lark.

Honorable Mention went to 1083 Robert E Lee, the home of Shelly Schenker at the corner of Spanish Fort.

Le Petit Jardin was awarded to the home at 34 Wren. The committee was awaiting owner response before posting name or photo.

Hopefully these beautiful gardens (as well as our own!) will survive the upcoming arctic temperatures over the next few days. At least the cold weather is good for my tulip bulbs in the ground!

HI Ladies,

Attached is a photo (it has a few lines in it) of our NOMA Flower Team arranging the urns in the Great Hall. The girls did a wonderful job - please stop by NOMA this week and take a look! Many thanks to Alice Lowry and her January team: Renee' Lehon, Suzanne Tyler, Muriel Cassibry, Xiomara Brewster, Chrissy Bourdais, Lisa Lachin and Zee Van Norman.

December Garden of the Month

All of the December Garden of the Month choices are spectacular, and I apologize for not getting these photos out earlier. Too many distractions, but better late than never!

Happy Holidays,

December's Garden of the Month was awarded to Sandra and Ralph Junius at 1 Finch.
Le Petit Jardin went to 13 Thrasher - Esther Nowak and her son Allen Rosenweig.
December's Honorable Mention was given to 27 Warbler, Cheryl and Julian Richards.

Holiday Decorations Winners

Contest results are listed below. Photos to follow.



Carol & Wade Verges, 1053 Robert E. Lee Blvd.


1st: Ann & Herb Christenberry, 10 Gull
2nd: #6 Ibis Street
3rd: Yvonne & Jimmy McCulla, 66 Flamingo


1st: Liz & Chris Devine, 18 Warbler
2nd: Sandra & Ralph Junius, #1 Finch
3rd: Glenn & Elaine Stelly, #1 Cactus Lane/1171 Robert E. Lee


2nd: Ibis


15 Bluebird, 16 Bluebird, 38 Bluebird, 21 Dove, 29 Dove, 65 Dove, #2
Spanish Fort ,
60 Flamingo, 34 Gull, 44 Gull, 55 Gull, 29 Heron, 1133 Robert E. Lee,
1185 Robert E. Lee,
#1 Jay, #11 N Lark, 56 N. Lark, #1 S. Lark, 6306 Beauregard, 6702
Beauregard, 6600 Beauregard, 36 Rail, 81 Thrasher, 23 Hawk, #2 Wren, 16
Swallow, 35 Warbler, 27 Stilt,
26 Swan