Sunday, December 28, 2008

Honorable Mention

Runner-up to the Garden of the Month – Honorable Mention – classically-designed garden at 35 Oriole Street. Always meticulously groomed, this well-designed, rather formal garden features perimeter beds of carefully-manicured bushes fronted by beds of pink, white, and yellow flowers; pink sasanqua in full bloom on each side of the walkway. Additional interest is provided by the lush, tropical greenery anchoring the corner beds by the house, and a grapefruit tree.

Le Petit Jardin

Le Petit Jardin for December, 2008 is the handsome garden on the street side at 2 Dove Street. This month this well-designed, always colorful, patio-style garden, enhancing the entryway and fa├žade, is enlivened with yellow and white flowers, and a mass of white sasanqua in full bloom, and by the bright blue and yellow pansies surrounding the large shade tree in the front.

December Garden of the Month Winner

The Garden of the Month award for December, 2008 88 Egret for the lovely, very inviting and very personal garden she has created to enhance her home at 88 Egret Street.

On the street side, the open gate of the rose-garlanded iron perimeter fence and the row of large, weathered pots of pink and red flowers beckon invitingly into a lovely brick courtyard, softened by the beautiful old trees and which frame the house and back porch, and accented by a large old acacia bush with masses of yellow booms. On the lane side also, the soft peach-colored house is beautifully framed by a rich design of mature greenery, lush tropical plants, and curving beds of carefully manicured bushes and flowers in shades of red, pink, white, and orange, and greens ranging from the deep, shiny green of the holly bush to the soft, feathery green of the rose vines framing the

Friday, December 19, 2008

Results of last nights Holiday Decoration Contest

Lamping ~ 24 Swan

1st: LeBlanc ~ 19 Kildeer
2nd: Verges ~ 1049 Robert E. Lee
3rd: Buchler ~ #1 Snipe

1st: deBoisblanc ~ 6600 Beauregard
2nd: Backstrom ~ 57 Dove
3rd: Fine ~ #6 Ibis

1st: Warbler
2nd: Gull
3rd: Ibis

and lots of Honorable mentions
thank you to all who participated

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorating Contest

Just a reminder the Lake Vista Garden Club will hold its annual Christmas Decorating Contest on Thursday, December 18th beginning at 7:00pm, please leave your lights on until midnight. Three categories: Doorway, Yard and Cul de Sac and the Best Overall