Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 2008 Garden of the Month

The Garden of the Month award for November, 2008 goes to Georgina and Wilfred Rivet for their charming garden at 6 Warbler Street. A true labor of love, this lovely garden is designed to provide interest, color, and balance to the large, but narrow V-shaped lot and the Rivet’s attractive brick home. Anchoring the design are the two major focal points – the large oak tree at the tip of the lot and the rock-bordered, tiered flower bed which softens the ell of the house. Beds of red and white flowers and caladiums around the perimeter of the house and encircling the oak tree unify the design, and lead the eye.


Le Petit Jardin for November, 2008 is the lush, colorful street-side garden at 13 Thrasher Street, the home of Allen Rosenzweig. A handsome and attractive garden featuring perimeter beds of flowers and greenery framing the square of front lawn. The primary focus is the dramatic and colorful entranceway garden centered in the angle between the house and carport. This month it is ablaze with thick clusters of flowering bushes in fall shades, beautifully enhancing the light-colored brick of the house.


Runner-up to the Garden of the Month – Honorable Mention – is awarded to Dodie Spencer-Smith for her handsome (and highly-visible) garden at 24 Thrush Street. Always meticulously groomed and well-designed to provide balance and interest to the wedge-shaped lot, the primarily green garden features groupings and borders of a variety of shaped bushes, palms, and small trees against the soft pink brick of the house. This month the handsome design is enlivened by beds of colorful flowers.