Sunday, May 3, 2009

2009/2010 Lake Vista Garden Club Board
back row: Susan Bennett(Second Vice President),Joni Diaz (President),Sallie Walker
(Ex-Officio), Suzanne Tyler(Recording Secretary), Alice Lowry (First Vice President)
front row: Jan Brown (Treasurer), Kimberly Zibilich (Parliamentarian), Susan Sheridan
(Corresponding Secretary)

Lake Vista Garden Club's May 1 Installation Luncheon. Outgoing Treasurer,Patti Garcia.Incoming Treasurer Jan Brown. Outgoing President Sallie Walker.Past Presidents Susan Bennett and Kimberly Zibilich .

Past President Liz deBoisblanc, Members Joel Myers, Susan Sheridan and incoming President, Joni Diaz

Past Garden Club Presidents: Sweetie Garcia, Bernice Daigle, Liz Leonard and member Renee Cable

Members Pamela Ortiz and Gayle Zewe

2009 Hall of Honor Garden Winner, Wilma Longstreet, presented by Alice Lowry, Garden of the Month Chairperson

2009 Olivia Vaccaro Woman of the Year, Patricia Fullmer presented by Yvonne McCullah, niece of our Club Founder Olivia Vacarro, outgoing President Sallie Walker