Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorations Contest Winners


Wade & Carol Verges, Robert E Lee


1st: Donna Paternostro, #2 Spanish Fort
2nd: Maria Klein, 26 Dove
3rd: Ann Christenberry, 10 Gull


1st: Babs Mollere, 1185 Robert E. Lee
2nd: Sandra Junius, #1 Finch
3rd: Liz & Chris Devine, 18 Warbler

1st: Gull
2nd: Rail
3rd: Ibis


Door: #6 Ibis, 33 Heron, 6600 Beauregard, 19 Killdeer, 54 N. Lark, #8 Warbler, 38 Finch

Yard: 38 Bluebird, 15 Bluebird, 64 Flamingo, 51 Flamingo, 55 Gull, 1133 Robert E Lee, 56 N. Lark, #1 Jay, 6304 Beauregard, 36 Rail, 24 Swan. #1 Warbler, 18 Swallow, 16 Swallow, 97 S. Wren, 39 Wren,
60 N. Wren

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

November 6th Meeting

The Lake Vista Garden Club held their November meeting at the home of Robin Goldsmith. Head Hostess: Jeanne Kimble, Co-Hostesses: Vonnie Contreary, Patti Garcia, Karen Smith. Floral Design was by Laura Carman; Herb of the Month was Sage. The wonderful program was by Tammany Baumgarten on winter Gardening.

Cork n' Canvas Night - November 11, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lake Vista Flower Team for NOMA

On Tuesday, October 27th our garden club members filled the Great Hall Urns with a beautiful arrangement.

Fall Fundraiser - Wine & Cheese Party

Thanks to a wonderful committee, Melissa Adolph, Mary Costelloe, Jeanne Kimble, Cheryl Richards, Kimberly Zibilich and our leader Joni Diaz. This evening could not have happened if it weren't for Neva and Mike Seago to open their lovely home to our club.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

September 2009 Garden of the Month

Garden of the Month: 16 Swan Street –
In this elegant, well-designed Italianate garden, formal elements are used to create a balanced, symmetrical design, in perfect scale and proportion to compliment the handsome architecture of the house. On the street side, wide lushly planted beds along the perimeter and front walkway are anchored by a tall hedges of magnolias along the elegant iron fence, and serve as a dramatic backdrop for the linear formal plantings of African iris, variegated caladiums, and soft-colored flowers, and fronted by a low hedge of clipped boxwoods edged with clumps of monkey grass. On the lane side, the imposing masonry fa├žade is enhanced and softened by foundation plantings of evergreen topiaries, tall bushes, and a rectangular rose-bed, bounded by low clipped boxwood hedges. A wide lawn provides visual distance and perspective to further offset the mass of the house. On the west side front of the lawn, a large oak tree, encircled by a wide bed of lush greenery and flowers adds its beauty to the lovely scene. The use of a variety of sizes, shapes, hues, and textures in the foliage and flowers -- the light green of huge tropical leaves and holly leaves; the large, glossy, bronzy-green magnolia leaves with their big, sensuous white flowers; the soft plum-green foliage of the rosebushes; and the tiny, dark-green glossy leaves of the boxwoods in complimenting shades of green, red, orange, and white – all provide additional interest.

September Le Petit Jardin, 15 Bluebird

Le Petit Jardin: 15 Bluebird Street –
This beautiful small patio garden newly (and very artistically) designed and planted by the owner after Katrina, features wonderful detail, use of color, and contrasting textures.

September Honorable Mention -22 Tern Street

Honorable Mention: 22 Tern Street –
Nicely designed on both sides to compliment the long, low house, this very neat and well-groomed garden features good use of color and plant variety.

September 4, 2009 - Garden Club Meeting

Lake Vista Garden Club 2009-10 Board Members. (From left to right) Susan Bennett, Sue Tyler, Jan Brown, Susan Sheridan, Kimberly Zibilich, Sallie Walker, Joni Diaz.

September 4, 2009 - Garden Club Meeting

Joni Diaz with Denise Tebbe. The club was very excited to have our first meeting at the wonderful home of Denise Tebbe.

September 4, 2009 - Garden Club Meeting

September Hostess Committee: Zee Van Norman, Anne McSweeney, Joann Stevens and Ann Christenberry.