Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lake Vista Garden Club creates the floral arrangements for the New Orleans Museum of Art on April 14, 2009. Thank you to Chairperson Alice Lowry, Wayne Christenberry, owner of Evergreen Florist and committee members Suzanne Tyler, Mary Costelloe, Laura Carman and Renee Lehon.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 2009 Garden of the Month

The April, 2009 winner of the Garden of the Month award is the dramatically beautiful and always meticulously maintained garden at 17 Warbler Street, now in glorious spring bloom.
On the lane side, the spacious lawn, beautiful old trees, and large, rounded topiaries provide a lovely and elegant setting perfectly in scale and keeping with the handsome Tudor style mansion. This serene vista has been greatly enhanced by the gardener-owners by the addition of an elegant, classically-inspired fountain, handsomely encircled by lushly blooming irises, balanced by an expanded bed of small trees; large, flowering bushes; and flower beds.
Along the street side, the perimeter garden has been enhanced by the addition of iron fencing, new paving, and a colorful flower bed bordering the clipped hedge. Graceful palms provide height and feathery greenery between the hedge and house.

Le Petit Jardin for April, 2009 is the delightful and colorful entryway garden at 77 Thrasher Street. Here ascending levels bright clumps of flowers and hanging baskets add dramatic color and interest against the dark fence and muted shades of the background bushes and plants.

Honorable mention for April, 2009 is awarded to the lovely garden at 1840 Plover Street. Here a wide lawn, tall pines, deep beds of colorful flowers and dense greenery, foundation hedges, and flower borders provide a softening, graceful frame for the elegant, angular, brick and glass house. Adding dramatic interest in the foreground is a colorful flower garden centered by a large iron kettle brimming over with flowers.
March Garden of the Month Winner at 72 North Wren Street

March, 2009 Honorable Mention Winner at 16 Warbler Street

March Le Petit Jardin Winner at 78 Tern Street